Fierce Fighting Championship is Utah’s newest and most exciting MMA promotion to come to light in recent years.  

The Fierce Fighting Championship is a product of the Fierce MMA Family, which has its roots in fighting. We come from a fighting background so we know what a fighter needs to perform at their best. We have stepped into the cage ourselves and know what it takes to be a fighter. Having a fighting base allows us to better cater to the fighters and their needs.

First and foremost we are committed to taking care of each and every fighter. We know the struggles that each fighter goes through in trying to make this a career and we firmly believe in communication and honesty to carry us through each and every show. 

We also know the huge support which fans, friends, and family members provide to the fighters and we strive to take care of the support system as well.  

We are headquartered in Price, UT, and will look to take our show to a town near you in the future.  Just as each and every fighter continues to evolve so will we as a promotion.

If you are interested in fighting please fill out the contact form and we will contact you within 24 hours.  Through honesty, integrity, and hard work we will be a platform for fighters to become the best possible warrior they can be. Oss